Scott Robarge Twitter Olympics Guide

Twitter has the advantage of being the most up-to-date news source for pretty much any network or event.   Each day approximately a billion individuals/companies/networks tweet every single second of the day from the quality  of their coffee in the morning, to interesting articles to important news.

As the popular 2012 Summer Olympics in London get underway, Twitter has become the go to social network for getting scores and stories from London.  Given the time differences between the U.S. and London, many Americans are just waking up or working while the main Olympic Games commence.  Therefore, for those of us who do not have time to watch cable or even view the games on our computers or mobile devices – Twitter becomes a convenient source for up-to-date information.  A simple 140-character tweet followed by a “tiny url” usually says it all and can easily be accessed while running errands or going from conference room to conference room for meetings.

According to the NBC network (which hosts the Olympics), Twitter, is “THE destination for up-to-the-minute results and breaking news.” That said, people can follow the handle, @NBCOlympics  to “keep informed with tune-in posts and coming-ups about when events will live-stream on as well as on television,” according to NBC.

Many might feel the @NBCOlympics handle may be too broad in scope.  After all, some might only want swimming, shooting, tennis  or gymnastics scores and nothing else.  NBC provides the Twitter handles for several  reporters, producers and analysts who are covering specific competitions and the athletes.The list of all the various Twitter handles to follow is too long to mention here, so please head over to this site to follow your favorite sport:  In the meantime, below are examples of Twitter handles you can follow as well as what other social networks are doing to showcase the Olympics:

Basketball: Dave Strader, play-by-play, @TheVoiceDS
Cycling: Greg Ferraro, nbcolympics producer, @GFerraroNBC
Gymnastics, Elfi Schlegel, anaylyst, @ElfiSchlegelNBC
Swimming, Rowdy Gaines, anaylyst, @RowdyGaines
Archery: Craig Hummer, commenter, @CraigHummer
Diving, Alex Flanagan, reporter , @alex_flanagan